Gone Testo

Testo Gone

A long drink of water and a pickup truck
On a bone dry summer I've been out of luck
But when you blew into town I felt the winds of change
A little bit scary and a little bit strange
I know from being broken harder
With nothing to lose
Doesn't take much around here
To make such big news

And I'm gone
Mama left her warning from the old front porch
But I’m gone
They say you'll burn me like you're Sherman with a big bad torch
I've seen a million suns go down on this tired town
Now you're here and I'm gone

So in comes the stranger to the tight lipped frowns
The walls come up and the shades go down
I can't help but see it like a movie scene
Where you bust on through and you rescue me
And the sign of a happy ending is an out of state tag
Outside of the house where the girl inside is packing her bags

And I’m gone...

Does it seem like it’s too much to ask
For reckless grin and a tank full of gas

And I don't know if I will ever belong
But I'm done here doing time and I'm moving along
And I’m gone

Mama left her warning from the old front porch