Aurora Testo

Testo Aurora

Verse 1: & now I see the light ahead. (with you) & now I see all but red. (from you) I walk the clouds, I walk the seas. (for you) Create the sky that carries me. (feel you) Pre: The love I feel opens me. Releases hate that keeps me free. This dust I keep, into my eyes. & now I feel cut up inside. AURORA!! AURORA!! Verse 2: & now I breathe the open air. (with you) I put me in the electric chair. (from you) The wind, it seems, will blow away. (for you) Forever changing my broken fate. (feel you) Pre: This light, too tight for me inside. I know I never wondered why. This dented planet, left in tears. & now I'm left behind in fear. AURORA!! AURORA!! (kill me) Chorus: & when you see my hands held tight. Please pry them open. (see me) & when you see me stalk the night. This world, it's broken. (free me) & when you lose the sun, Remind me that I become alive again. Verse 3: & now I see the light ahead. (with you) & now I see all but red (from you) I twist the dirt, I move the breeze (for you) & watch the sky that buried me. AURORA!! AURORA!! Pre: I pave the ground that spoke to me. My ego's the size of trees. I hold this throan in the afterlife. So on I'm forever lost in time AURORA!! AURORA!! (kill me) Chorus I become alive again. I become alive again.