One By One Testo

Testo One By One

Verse 1: I won?t take this anymore. It?s now getting worse than before. Top of my lungs I?m screaming now. Wanna fight back but I don?t know how. It makes no difference of how I live. As long as I get my sweet revenge. Down on my knees praying in the cold. Cryin? to God bring me back my soul. Chorus 1: Now I?m feel like I?m going to snap. Oh God restrain me. Verse 2: My life?s gone since an early age. Right about now I?m full of rage. There?s more truth than what I say. I live in Hell almost every day. There?s no cure for what I have. Depressed then pissed I?m insane at last. Crazy mind & an evil grin. I?m the S.O.B. that invented sin. Chorus 1 Chorus 2: Now I?m running after sickened blood. Oh God help me? Taken? em? all down one by one. Oh God restrain me.