Jin Vs. Luck Luciano Testo

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Testo Jin Vs. Luck Luciano

uh, see, i really don't know what you're doin
he got a kobe bryant jersey on, but look more like a light-skin patrick ewing
i'm nice wit it when im spittin, come on, in a week or so
i'll be spittin on swizz beatz
while you'll be at the bodega askin for swiss cheese
im nice with it, freestyle, come on
you wanna talk about guns, that's why you get your studder on
only toast he packs is the kind you put butter on
i'm nice with it when i free, come on, yo check it out
ask your girl, i was doin somethin at her house
matter fact, she had my eggroll and my dumplings in her mouth
next time you see her
bring extra protection, next time you see her