Every Now And Then Testo

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Testo Every Now And Then

"You seem to have great influence here"
"Well, when age speaks, youth listens, sometimes"

Every now and then
Every now and then
In the square, offered a fair, every now and then
Didn't talk, let it air, every now and then
To get it in me sat with crooks, every now and then
Inquisitively hit the books, every now and then
Won't evade, I played the fool, every now and then
Was how we lay a jewel, every now and then

Loved things I should have lusted
I rushed it, snubbed things I should have trusted
My comments ain't for quick alignment, it's for full adjustment
If saw who did it and chopped with the cops, the hood disgusted
As such, was in touch with the untouchable
Find out if you really tough, when the guts stuck to you
Bag of work with leeches, work the pieces that's flushable
Not with apes, walks to the train ain't safe to have to usher you
No rush for structure, we was freewheelin'
Need money to shuffle, that's why we in the street dealin'
Ain't adore being on the floor, wanted to reach ceilin'
Service from the borough of churches, where they preach stealin'
Only told truth, they gave loops with no fruits
They deeds disease the seeds, I produce produce
Was dropped in Gotham, I had to blossom to grow roots
Chase the product, got up on his shoulder with no boost

Every now and then
Every now and then
I break my chains when I'm around the pen
Every now and then
Every now and then

Moms made rice, I ain't eat a grain
Nobody played nice, I was breedin' pain
Had to cuff a gun 'cause nothing done in Jesus' name
Years of school was cool but only street smarts we retain
Big risk for little rewards
The sum of all these guns is trigger remorse
Another daughter on the border with illicit tryna get it across
Too many married the games, they should've divorced
Of course, that's loyal to a fault
They said it though, you never know who loyal 'til you caught
People I love blood is in the soil that I walk
When on curbs, served the servant, but it's royal when I talk

Every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then
I hold court, every now and then
I stole and fought, every now and then
We deal weight, every now and then
Every now and then
I still feel hate, every now and then
Every now and then
Ka fresh, every now and then
Cultivated but digress, every now and then
Every now and then

(Every now and then
Land a joint every now and then
From the fools I ran point, every now and then)

"Thy name shall be called Cain"