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Testo Solitude Of Enoch

It's hard to say, every sentence is pain
Brothers killing brothers, descendants of Cain
Props if getting knocked, and no mentioning names
Had to steel, all that time I spent in the flame

Cain rose up against Abel, his brother, and slew him

Got to be in grace first to fall from it
That money chased birthed the full summit
Was wasteful as big eyes and a small stomach
Funny used to call my friends money, I lost hundreds
From low lands, sugar no man, God fearing
I death threats, not deaf yet, I'm hard hearing
Revenge is the engine, with my heart steering
Enough disastrous crashes, had to start veering
Had to use your fists to change your fiscal
Figuring how to get rich became the ritual
As teens bought full magazines, if we had an issue
We all had beef, but for dinner having gristle
More hooded, even headed in doubt, short footed
Fear built relationships rapport couldn't
Being angelic get you popped, saying something that's off-putting
Feeling weak for being in love, like a Moor shouldn't
Was action packed, cut your cap just to hate hub
For years spoke the code like every place bugged
Since them dudes in school, move like I taste blood
Fights bought forty nights, like the great flood
Still a nexus to the treacherous gutter
Kept two, never monochrome, my gift technicolor
Like the coat of Joseph, hope it don't affect my brother
Became man of the house quick, had to protect my mother
One of my cousins said he was gon' beat me like my pops
I blacked out, was ready to leave him in a box
My sister calmed me down, saw me reaching for the shots
That's my linchpin, since then, we been on the rocks

It's hard to say, every sentence is pain
Brothers killing brothers, descendants of Cain
Props if getting knocked, and no mentioning names
I had to steel, all that time I spent in the flame

Every sentence is pain
Descendants of Cain

"Let him among you who is without sin cast the first stone"

May your life be fruitful if I appeal to you
I'm defense against ten trying to conceal the truth
Breaded when I medicine, that's what a healer do
Out here was too rough to bluff, every dealer knew
Don't mind if it was gross, this hope's genetic
Did the most to cope when the coast wasn't copacetic
When I rapped to you it's natural, no synthetic
Survivors of my father, it's my old genetic
I rhyme like divinity
Times the inner me cry from the imagery
Where we stood, no neighborhood sinner-free
From the curb, if any deserve to win it's me
To quiet the stomach, we had to rummage
Father gave it all denominations, but wanted hundreds
I wanted hundreds
I wanted hundreds
You got it popping at the top of the morning
Couldn't magical mothers on gutter blocks was enduring
We took the hits cause the knot was alluring
My boy back up top got popped for his urine
If a man slips, bent grip on his vice
We try our best to get it, could triple the price
Though crew did it for food, not to be dripping in ice
Pray the stocks stack on my blocks, but liquid is nice
Known to throw trips, show fifths, dip with the dice
Dusk to dawn, much go on, know you lick with us nights
To get paid out trade route like you shipping a spice
The meek heard "Turn the other cheek", I got different advice
I got different advice