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Testo Patron Saints

"Does one crime erase another? Friend, shall we turn dishonest because life is hard?"

I paint this for our patron saints

All our Santas carried them hammers
Our guidance counselors was talented scramblers
Spiritual leaders, ran a number hold
Tycoons moved in vests, and kept a money roll
We bought the noise, gun and bust, none of us altar boys
With army issue harm a tissue, we ain't walk with toys
The rawest from any wars one of New York deploys
Made Orphan Annies like all the families court destroys
It's the elder man, sold things pray I never sell again
Son trust, bum rush if they ain't let us in
The lepers infected us, said it was medicine
Life's travail, fight for survival, that's all it's ever been
Nothing's blessed, even the bonds of friends are tested
Would you surrender if you did it but your man's arrested?
Our peacekeepers bust they gun repeated
Our caregivers stole everything we needed
It's D-Day, each week in BK you see us here grimacin'
Never marinate on beef you don't plan on finishin'
'Cause every effort's for the record, we ain't here scrimmagin'
Soon as son start shinin', they tryna diminish him
They nay behavior made us braver, thicker armor
Ain't kill who you aimed at, came back quick as karma
So par, so far haven't missed in the midst of drama
Nine notice and pick me up at they lowest, it's a honor
A monk swore a vow of silence to the jakes
Our yogis did stretches upstate
I saw Lancelots at round tables cuttin' eighths
A mogul just caught another case
Started with less, then progressed to bare minimum
Can't just happen upon no chips, gotta be here winnin' em
That's what food is for, hungry if you lose or draw
Every session I'm pressin' to precious jewels galore
Used to violate tryin' make, that's what every move was for
The only particular mission of the crew was accruin' more
With impressive steel, dressed to kill, you know the lifestyle
Hit the curb to serve the early bird, and the night owl
To fix these broken pockets, had to break some hearts
Can't be bothered to hit your target, gotta make some marks
Quiet and frigid disposition, growin' up in the cold
Surprised I ain't get high from what I was low enough to behold
Like when Pops shot at the neighbor's shop, put one in his head
He knew how he grew me, threw me the gun, a hundred, and fled
Didn't play, 'fore po' arose dispose of exhibit A
I was raised to age a few years in a day
If not elite, didn't eat if you didn't pray
As much as I heal, had to deal, all my scars are here to stay
Our senseis spent days peddling
Our heroes sold heroin