Fuck Dat Nigga Testo

Testo Fuck Dat Nigga

(feat. Will-Lean, B.G. Duke, Point Blank)

[Lil' Flip]
Oh, yeah, all the fuck niggaz got to get the fuck out the way
You know what time it is nigga, Screwed Up Click

[Chorus: Lil' Flip]
Man fuck dat nigga, (Fuck dat nigga)
Runnin your mouth I'ma touch dat nigga
Man fuck dat nigga, (Fuck dat nigga)
If you neva heard by my state bitch screwed up nigga
Will-Lean you ridin (Yeah I'm ridin)
B.G. Duke you ridin (Yeah I'm ridin)
Z-Ro you ridin (Yeah I'm ridin)
Point Blank you ridin (Hell yeah I'm ridin)
Let's go

Motha fuck you, I rush you, bitch I don't thrush you
Like AT&T (My abilityne) bitch I didn't touch you
Brush ya, like your head off your shoulders getgusha
Block my desert Eagle to the bone and crusha
You see I'm a hustla just look at my wrist
All yellow canary diamonds lookin like pants
Yo Flip yo Flip, these boys actin tall
I got money and respect plus I'm packin problems
Stackin no dollars niggaz want to fuck wit me
If your sweater is all good, so tuck your hid
Even though I'm on parole I still cluntch my hid
Because the Streetsweeper
That sweep up the street

[B.G. Duke]
I got my girl that ain't your mama
I smack you with the pistol and tell you I ain't your mama
I'm ready for drama
I sleep wit a four pound
It ain't shit cause see I send my three laps to your town
Lays, we just ain't talkin' about you
Cause some of these niggaz is bitches too
And you know who, no need to say no name
Cause I'ma gas these niggaz like a tank of propane
They say we ain't strap, they lied to ya
They say Flippa ain't from cloverland, they lied to ya
We got the magin three kitchen, they ain't lyin bro
Manufacturin clinin sixcase we ain't tired bro


Every time I open my mouth, I'ma see talkin' shit
Fuck a rat nigga I slap nigga
These bitch you keep on walkin bitch
I represent the Southside of Screwstum Texas
I got my name spinnin yellow down that right upon my rap a lot necklace
Fuck some shine bro I loosened it to
You better get rich with my tech weapon that came from coupe
Cause I'm a gangsta my nigga comin from the left side
If you put that nigga if your tooth in the chest fire
I'm the king of the Ghetto I gave myself that name
Ain't nobody here gettin' rich I make myself that change
Talkin' about chores and two thousand dollars to spend a verse
Bitch I'm a Legend read about me fuck it come see about me
Right now I'm in glove eleven niggaz and seven record labels
You can jump my neva ass line to straight up to strangle
Z-Ro the crippa gangsta the Screwed Up Click
Fuck all in here and I said go ahead and choose up bitch


[Point Blank]
Watch your mouth now
Cause what you say could bring death
One day you gon say some shit that a nigga can't expect
Point Blank the bull, bitch you trip off the whole block
You ain't gotta be a cloverland to be a cloverland G block
Boy we run this shit, Flip havin fun wit this shit
He trippin blood how the fuck get a gun in this bitch
When I see him 99 Southside gon be all right
I know I might do some time
Just shoot me a kite
I rap straight through the heart
So I shoot straight for the heart
If Flip said fuck T.I. then it's fuck dat mob
South sid filly to a flat line trick
Talk a lot of shit but I could beg my bitch what sup


[Lil' Flip]
Oh no that nigga ain't scarin me
I don't wanna hear about your ass weighin keys
This lil nigga ain't a threat you a peon nigga
Cause in my hood I play the corner like Deon nigga
The niggaz are fuckin wit you cause you pay em for beats
And I saw the bull shit grill you got on your teeth
My grill cost 30 G's, my ice cost 15
Say you gain a little weight if you drank some leen
Hey I got beef what a nigga done with 80 pounds
He weared my bracelet in the pool that nigga probably drown
Pitbull got my back
Pastor Troy got my back
And you know Ludacris got my fuckin back
Askin about my whole team you now I role wit G's
So why should I feel man and bleed like me
Down in Texas we ain't killin you kid
That's for records sells go I'm killin you bitch


[Lil' Flip]
Nigga how you gonna charge Z-Ro 20 gram for a motherfuckin
Nigga that shit ain't worth a god damn wing dammit bitch