Screwed Up Click Testo

Testo Screwed Up Click

(feat. C-Note, Will-Lean, Point Blank)

Ah shit, you now listening to the Screwed Up Click
Let's go...

[Hook: x2]
We the Screwed Up Click, we the Screwed Up Click
I hear ya running your mouth, but we the Screwed Up Click
We the Screwed Up Click, we the Screwed Up Click
You ain't the King of the South, but we the Screwed Up Click

We the Screwed Up Click, coming out the South
You niggaz talking shit, niggaz better shut they mouth
I be in the booth, coming bulletproof
Niggaz talking that shit, then I knock the diamond out your tooth
Raising out the roof, nigga feeling real good
Rolling through the fucking hood, diamonds up against the wood
I get it all day, everyday dropping off
Picking up herb, every rhyme that I fucking say
Niggaz know I'm C-Note, from that Clover
Smoking doja and a nigga like me, will knock it off the shoulder

[Point Blank:]
I don't know why you hand me the mic, you know I ain't got shit good to say
But some real live shit, niggaz scared to say
A Screwed Up Click original, from uno
On the first Screw tape to hit the market nigga, you know
I been riding for Screw, when he was living bitch
And I'ma be riding for Screw, until I'm with him bitch
SPC the first click, WK
S.U.C. nigga, forever and a motherfucking day
You better recognize, the real when you see one
The day you play me like a hoe, and that's the day I be one
C-L-O-V-E-R, G
(now Blank, pass the weed)

[Lil' Flip:]
I'm doing a buck fifty, y'all niggaz can't buck with me
Plus I keep the baddest hoes, in the truck with me
I'm repping Texas, every stage I stand on
These other rappers talk a lot of shit, but they won't last long
I know y'all mad, cause me and Ro hooking up
Check my calendar, all my shows booked up
Y'all niggaz broke, you ain't heard we got real paper
Don't listen to the magazines, cause them niggaz haters
I'm on top of my game, rocks on top of my chain
Glocks I pop when I aim, people watch in the rain
Helicopters and planes, and I'm chopping my caine
You ain't stocking a thang, that's cause I'm rich bitch
Nigga we dress fly, everyday we stay high
Niggaz be in a fo', we riding in a five
I got that Maybach Excursion, and a grey Lac
One shot to your head, now bitch nigga take that

The Southside go-getters for cheddar, we blast Barettas
S.U.C, organized like Goodfellas
Will-Lean yeah, homie Screw gave me that name
Welcome back Clover hanging, Flip gave me that chain nigga
Clover Geez, with me using the name
Cause when I cock back and aim, slugs abusing your brain
Homie uh, cause I'm coming with this calico
Busting out my Caddy do', knocking down your daddy do'
Screwed Up Click nigga, we too thick
By all means necessary, we gon get rich bitch
So now you know, ain't no fucking with us
Cause in God we trust, but in glocks we bust biotch

Asshole By Nature, Z-Ro the Crooked
I ain't never been took, nigga look at my books
I do my thang, I swang and bang
Got a pocket full of change, and a piece and a chain
On my neck, I demand respect
I might cash a check, I might ride in a jet
I might ride a plane, I might ride a train
Garunteed anywhere I ride, I blow Mary Jane
To relax my mind, I pack my nine
Nigga run up on Ro, and I'll shut ya down
Shoot shit up and shut shit down, that's how it go though
Catch Z-Ro flipping, in a cream tinted fo' do'
Flipping with the Tow Down, flipping with the Dub-G
Nigga fuck the police, I know they don't love me
And I don't love em either, so nigga fuck the FED
All day, I break my back to make my bread
And once I make my bread, you can't take my bread
Try to take my bread, bitch I'ma break yo head
That's my direct connect
Nigga Trae where you at, with the throw-away gat
We gon lay em on they back, like that and like this
I got VS-1 ice, on my wirst bitch
In my mouth too, in my ha-choo
Millions in my vault fool, R.I.P. to Screw-U