Grown Man Testo

Testo Grown Man

Go, go, go..

I'm a grown man, find you somebody to play with
All you hear is (bwap, bwap) when that AK spit - 2x
I hope you bout that, cause my niggaz bout that
Mo'fucker, I'ma swang where your mouth at - 2x

[Lil' Flip:]
I know you wanna be, down with the King
But first of all, you gotta step up your ring
I got shit around my pinkie, that'll hurt your vision
Ten pointers everywhere, diamonds having collisions
I told Johnny make sho', I got VS stones
Out of all of the rappers, I got the best home
Three kitchens and my maid, she be cooking my thangs
Swimming pools, tennis courts and the shooting range
One gym, twelve rooms got my shit like a maze
And to mop my whole crib, it'll take you three days
Look I'm a grown man, I had to get it on my own man
And with my gun, I'm secured like Homeland
I got three million fans, better yet it's fo'
Cause I'm on Nelly, Buck album and Mario
Winans I'm grinding baby, you see me shining baby
You want a show a hundred grand, fuck you pay me


[Lil' Flip:]
Dedication got me here, I ain't going nowhere
And if you see twenty Clovers, than I'm somewhere there
Cause I got a hundred niggaz on my team, for real
I'm like Nate Tronmeans, when I'm playing the field
Breaking tackles left and right, cause I got the skills
If you niggaz wondering how, I got my deal
I had a talk with Lil' J, he say he got my back
So you know what that means, so I'ma leave it at that
Texas gotta stick together, if we wanna stay
Getting television BET, and radio play
When "Sunshine" came out, it really pushed my fame
Now the kids in the suburbs, know my name
That's why I make good music, so you can bob your head
The realest magazine, E.S. done Diva and FED
Cause they don't give you a interview, then shit on you
And you ain't dumb so you know, who I'm talking to