E40 Choppin Testo

Testo E40 Choppin

Hey Jon, man whas wrong wit these really foo foo rif raf ass niggas huh?
Always tryna go to war over a mothafuckin biatch
Man niggas don't be procrastinatin niggas be procrasta-fakin
Yea pimp, I ain't no mothafuckin hater Ima mothafuckin money motivator mayne
Ya know what im talkin bout?
Yea big scrill playin the feild tryna money mack up on a mothafuckin meal
Like my O.G. padna stomp downer say mayne, I ain't gon give it to ya later Ima give it to ya all
the way mothafuckin straight
It is what it is mayne and as I say its me e mothafuckin 40 water bellified tay mayne
The best thang since the triple beam pimp
Pop com pimp spit them L-I-Ps
Its confirmed like a don king perm
And what ever it is im sellin it, whether its pills to a dope fiend or peanuts to a elephant