Bring It Testo

Testo Bring It

bring it
bring it
bring it
bring it


heres another one guess whos back the best on west the when it when it comes
to spittin heat on tracks i treat you like you wanna treated cant be defeated
ya haters gotta ack the mike can beat richie rich the number one pick the
flows pridict i give u 16 everytime i spit ya aint got nothen for this every
time i leave the booth i come out with a hit how u like me now
what me tar it down make way ya i own the crown pay my do's i aint got nothen
to lose my jewlery must be twins cause they come in twos ya bring it
you cant walk in my shoes i had three moneys jumpin singin my toons
have no fear the winnie is here ya been waitin for him to return all year
so bring it


ya aint eady for this am back another radio hit bring it so
bring it still holdin it down top of the town aint nothen gonna stop me now
so bring it i came along way trust may am here to stay so bring it i payed
my do's ya confused i would not lose bring it.

[verse 2:]

the rule is back the youngest in rap am about to repeat like
kobe and shaq so ge ready ya am sharp like a machetie yall still ball but
my flow so steady yall everyone of my chains is so heavy yall the nonewlimit
that be the label ya am ready to rumble theres gonna be trouble am about to
do this thing real big like mutambo richie rich got more flavor then gumbo
you saw me on tour compation i crumble we can go line for line rhyme for ryhme
like the ice that i wear ya boy gone shine i like the hook dog u shook we can
do it back stage keep it off the books am hard to compare u best to be were
come on dog am there a lest thing out there.


[verse 3:]

they call me richie rich am the ish shinestly aint none of ya messin
wit this ever since i got in the game i been doin my thang nothen change
everything is the same when u say go am about to blow here i am l-i-l r-o-m-e-o
who are u u hate on everything i do man right chere watch me raise the roof i
keep it jumpin check the billboard for proof play and simple in other words am
the truth franchise like steve real like cmo ya guys better quit ya cant hold
me am wet like sam cassel am from the sons i bring water to the well call me
ray jones cause am takin the belt am like p.d am back for ya heath