True Love Testo

Testo True Love

[Chorus 1]

Love has truely been good to me
Not even one second a memory i had
Since you came my way
I hope you know i'll gladly go
Anywhere you take me ain't no limit to this love
I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above

[Verse 1]

The first time i met you
I didn't sweat you
My Juliet i knew that i catch you
Gave you the key to my heart you unlocked it
A perfect match you the plug in the socket
As time moved on we became friends
I knew was love at first sight and it wasn't 'bout to get wit this
You was there when i needed you
I remember writing letters on the road i wanna be wit you
I know we young and we got time
Little soldiers need love so girl i want to make you mine
We could row together, go to shows together,
my best friend girl lets grow together

[Chorus 1x]

[Verse 2]

We could walk together rode busses together
Ya moms call us telling things we stuck together
We at paerks play hide-go-seek
I find you, or you find me
This was meant to be they call us little one and shorty find us hugged up at every school party
We study together, ball together, somebody said cupid must've brought us together
I love your cute eyes and you love my tight braids
Play video games almost everyday and when we not together we on the phone talkin' 'bout our
first kiss and we don't wanna be alone

[Chorus 1x]

[Verse 3]

And i remember so while how your smile made me feel bright like the sun shine i'm so glad that
you mine
You my Juliet I never let the jeolous ones in between and thats a safe bed and we could get the
study in after school is over homework is a must so we can come over and have the words we could
hit the mall zip ices and cotton candy and after that come chill wit the family

[Chorus 2 (Solange)]

Got to tell you how you have me
I'm so happy that you came in here and changed my world
Bye Bye sadness hello Romeyyyy your the only boy that found someone thats so in love
I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above