Play Like Us Testo

Testo Play Like Us


if you felling riche rich play if you fell it scream memp
play you can wear your ice this way when you ain't knowing it knowing
it knowing it knowing it

[lil romeo]

[1st verse]
i'm the youngest soilder i got the game fitted the new no
limit game time did it from romie rome homie to riche rich don't talk
about dough cause i been at it learn the game quick and ya'll know who
the teacher i call him pops when he uhhhhh on the speaker haters get
weaker skip to my lou half kid half amazing beat boys i blaze him wash
face and save it show's i lace em number 1 on billboard i'm sorry i
replace em rome lil d two way play all day got me game face on uh huh


[tyron (lil romeo overlapping)]

[2nd verse]

two many players that could hang wit us (hang wit us)when
we step up on the scene we looking marvolous(marvolous)when i fuss at
this thing that mean you hard to touch(hard to touch)all the haters in
my ear saying we ain't enough(okay)when the beat go just throw your
hands up all the players pushing up to the cadillac truck better hold
on tight cause we about to bust riche rich and tyron can you dig it
what what

[lil romeo]

i'm lilromeo i know about cars and know about clothes and it aint
no cost paid the cost to be the boss clutch player pen and paper pass the
apple nowlater that's what's on play jazz like the lakers from the south
so i bite like a gator another year passed so my game got greater court
size seats for the sixers and the lakers shake shake them haters do me a
favor check out the wrist ice big like a blazer kid got flavor say oooohwe
i'm where you wanna be ya'll can't stop me sing [chorus2x]

[lil d]

balling lil d and i roll wit a tank i'm in the sixth grade but
you know i got paper platnum iced out when i roll the fees so when the
school bell ring they be rolling me chrome wheeling scanding pank baby
sittin on chrome iced out from my neck and my wrist all two way lilromeo
and you know it's on got a couple candy girls that laid the zone