Can't Stop Us Testo

Testo Can't Stop Us

(ft. Rich Boyz)

If you ain't wit my team u can get stomped out
When i get crunked on get stomped out
If u hatin on my team u can get stomped out
Get stomped out, get stomped out

Now the kid is back,
I'm not Michael Joradn but I'm coming back
Kinda like Pierce in Boston the truth is back
Got a dez on my team but his name ain't Shaq
Yeah my team is stacked, I only roll with the best
And yeah I'm leading the pack like my name was Ron Artest
Best believe i got my back brotha,
my cell on the right and lattrell on the left, huh
And i know things are gonna heat up,
When i watch the Suns and Heat i catch a fevea
That don't stop me from jumpin' up
And like Kobe Bryant jam my 360 dunk
It don't matta, i come cross to shake it dawgg
Like A.I. I'll break our ankles dawgg
I'm kinda like Shaq, no one could hold me
The only way to stop pme is if you foul and throw me



Ummm, let's get it crakin' like Jason Kidd I make it happen
Go through the legs I dunk the ball
I'm like Vince Carter I'm 1/2 amazing dawgg
get rings like Detroit, I'll bend you like Ben Wallace
I'm going to the pro's then going to college
Ain't Lebron James, but the youngest in the game
And I put it through the net, like I was from New Jersey
Catch me in Philly with a throwback jersey
I like games with a real good pace
That's why I'm watching Indiana take on Yao Ming
I'm number one like Tracy McGrady
My jump shot daily the gotta pay me
Born to ball my game just so sick
My jump off os like my handles it's so tricky


(thanks to Olga_tribe for this lyric)