Rich Boyz Testo

Testo Rich Boyz

Rich boyz on the block girls holla back
The New No Limit dirty south yea we runnin that

[verse 1]
Its time to listen to the best
I got a dope sack that got Kobe runnin from the west
So nine, lil' dawg we don't care who got next
If you start it we gon finish it
It wont stop till we see the end of it wont stop until the end of it
We comin out on top it dont matter how we finish it
They aint no friend of me matter fact they the enemy
I aint got no love for em cuz they took on that was kin to me
They cant stop my team we the bulls in their prime
We keep it real ecpesially when we drop dimes
We grown to the beat we the new improved Jackson five
G's up yeah


[verse 2]
[young d]

Its ya boy young d
Got these girls all on me
What else can i say
If i wasnt me id want me
So rich
We in another leauge so we can boast it
Mike D and the rich boyz
Now you know its a hit

At the age of 12 i had a ride and a crib
Now let me tell you how these rich boyz live
We ride motor bokes with the spinnin rims
4-wheelers with the chromed out grill
My brother V-Dawgg call him home alone
And these girls always call me on my mobile phone
They call me Richie Rich
Yeah i'm a balla
Platinum chain
Baby blue impala
Lil soldier got money like them big boys
Every concert the girls make big noise
Even got the older women screamin Romeo
Its the new no limit
Incase yall didn't hear me though
I represent New Orlens make dem girls act a fool
I got the P. Miller shirts with the matching shoes