Whoodihoop Testo

Testo Whoodihoop

[chorus x1]
whoodihoop [x3]
where dem boys at? where dem girls at? [x2]
lean back,lean back
whoodihoop [x3]
where dem lil'soliders at?
lean back
where dem lil'soliders at?
lean back
lean back lean back
whoodihoop [x3]

[verse 1]
now its the one and only young kid in this biz and i ain't gotta lie man you know who i is. im
so fresh some call me clean i don't know how to dance but i know how to lean in my p.miller pants
ohhh im the sheriff and you in my town you know how i get down i don't play around so get loose
shawty and show me what you all about its ya birthday shawty you can blow yo candles out.
whoodihoop that's how we lean down south lil one we can take it to the house you got game? we can
take it to the hoop the rich boys up in here you better let them boys through i'm like
scrappy"yall don't want no problems" my dad right here"yall don't want no drama"

[chorus x1]

[verse 2]
ill make you lean like joe and the terror squad you got p.miller on put ya hands in the sky igot
bucks like a wolkee hit me on the cell phone holla back on the walkie talkie the new no limit
yeah we hot i might be young but i got this rap thing on lock yeah you know its my time to shine
throw me the ball ill hit a home run like barry bonds if you in elementary junior or high school
get crunk wild out with the crew you aint scared we play tackle football without any pads if you
a solider then say you a solider its the new no limit up in here thought i told ya after high
school im going straight to the pros romeo got game take it to the floor