2010 Testo

Testo 2010

Now with the cross of the company that's cloggin' up your arteries
Cholesterol but its speading so quickly. Sticky fingers
Grabin the sharp end of a box cutter Leaving the blood of a soldier, older, wise and colder
Arena such a ray of our haters disintegrate. Atom bombs drop. Now they gon stop.
As I pilot my palm on the boss, holla my name in the shadows, lookin.
The nemesis better let the veteran head of you walk with the past
Last samurai. Deep sleep dab in my debonair divine mind to shatter your glass house
So don't face grace. Straight lace with mace. Beautiful irritant.
Omnipotent crow crawlin around in your conscious,
Raising my wings start a tornado tearing your time tables
Able to fly without leaving the ground
Bred of the cries of a generation submitted to bitter bitlets of sound
Fuck your brontosaurus tearin up you town
I'm initiating an annul ticket to renaissance
I'm scaling the tallest building to speak out my willing it's a rock
Segregated, separated from weaker species of man kind
I'm that gypsy king, one of the three keys to part the seas
Abstract fellow, hell of a song to sing

Crash your party like a rocket ship
Back from the outer limits
Black with a lot of lip
A rock with your wonder mimic cop
I'm amazing. My other side of three is in it
Boy in the hood meets but head with some peoples in it
Ha ha so cool when I burn the leaf I plan to leave her alone
Alone leave her to learn to blaze this chrome with these ghetto combs
To either love me or leave me alone. Either or
It's like a one night stand, baby I'm gone in the morning
Came to give you what you wanted, to bounce like a comet
You can jam in the morning, you out or you in
Gypsy gang nah im sayin we just playin the track
Or playin with matches, to see what catches
And what trusts with the names can prepare to be classics
Look Ma no hands. Now watch my magic
Turn the world as we know it upside down like back flips
My approach to life is like mike in mid flight
Tongue out I ain't polite
I pull off the unbelievable like close that's the bare naked
Suppose you could make now where would you take it
Stone cold with a jagged edge
I hurl myself across the universe
Skip it like a lake of play
To put it down like a sledge hammer head shark
God said let there be light, I'm as bright as the sun in the dark
They say we live a long barble time but that don't mean much to me
I'm from the people who stole their freedom
And whatever you kill you keep, so I keep a grip tight on the mic
It's a choking feeling, like a choke hold
The more you fight, the harder it is to breathe
And we won't let go. You can heave and ho and take it gone. 3MG

Another guitar loop, from a bizarre truth
Given through your space like the infamous star groups
See comets start streaking when the 3 start speaking
Cuz we intergalactic over beats we be freaking
Even if a pleadees they fans of the 3 MCs
Known to travel light years just to buy CDs
You see them at the store and they wear a disguise
You can tell they're aliens by the look in their eyes
Even they don't realize where they come from
Fragile memories erased by a powerful sun
Ever feel out of place with no space to run
Well look deep into the mirror cuz you might be one
I'm tryin to help you remember to the pace of a drum
So we can all fly home cuz the time has come
Ever feel out of place with no space to run
Then return to your ships cuz the time has come