Another Day Testo

Testo Another Day

Y'feel that?
That's right,
Sometimes it's better just to...tell you like it is in a song

[Verse 1]
I waited long to tell you like it is,
No shame in how we feel, it's the nature of this biz
We hide the way we feel, then we cover it for real,
Forreal, love's a deal we conceal, then we deal
On them finer points of life together,
Rainy weather was never a better reason to sever what we would celebrate
Celebrate life with her,
Is she your best friend? Tell her what it's like with her
Baby, it's a blur and a whirlwind, more than a girlfriend,
Girl, this is urgent, forever I was searching, but you was just perfect (perfect)
Never no more groupies on tour, I gotta keep it yours
'Cause girl, you so clever and pure,
That's from the souls of men who know the worth of roses on this earth
Kiss a trail down the back of your neck,
Remove the shirt, put the tongue to your inner thigh,
Watch you get high,
I'ma underline a purse, discovering what it's worth
For us to make it work, we both gotta convert to trust to make it first
Baby, I'm a jerk but a cool one, maybe I'm a fool; run,
Hop in the arms of this man full of charm,
And my karma is strong, but I wanna right wrongs,
So I gotta write songs...turning you on

So if you ever doubt that it's for real,
Just know that I respect all that we've built,
I know I don't tell you how I feel, but this is how I feel,
And I wanna know,
Baby if we gon' get through the rain,
And if we gon' work for another day,
I know it always ends up all the same,
But let's make a change, for another day

[Verse 2]
Dedication, to you and your patience,
For real, it's amazing, I need to quit playing,
I could lose what I got on the fools that don't know my gov' name
Life in the fast lane, time to pump these breaks, man
Get this love straight,
Be committed and fitted against my soul mate,
Now that I'm whole, wait...that's a dumb route
Rolling dice for some tits and the ass out,
Bounce on 'em, bounce, when I'm out, I'ma shout
I'm about my business, making it better, loving a veteran
Never concealing evidence, sending it with the settlement,
Baby 'cause you was heaven sent
Yup, it's a lesson to you fellas, so listen, Lucky is telling you,
Respect the lady holding you down, it's unforgettable,
It's unforgettable, it's so incredible, it's unforgettable


We've been talking 'bout tomorrow, and it's all the same
Now it's time to move the things that's standing in our way
We can work to keep it going for another day,
Another day
(Now bring it back)


Another day (x8)