Purple Kush Testo

Testo Purple Kush

We come and bump bump bump b bump bump girl
Fuck bush we run this world
Lift up you like that boy?
But N-O we gotcha boy
Aint no hurricane ever gonna stop us mayne
Barbequing on the roof rolling up a swisher dank
So let's start this party here
My drink's Bacardi yeah
Out in Hollywood I grew up in the Oakland hood
Eating with the rats praying god would make it all good
That didn't work so I had to do it on my own
Couldn't move bricks like my friends that were dead and gone
That's a sucker role you were way too young to go
But growing up in the O explains how you hustle
Da da da da da damn
Swing night no punks ba bam!
That's the way we do
Never stop we gotta move
Underground baby
We the reason why they pulling you
Ye ye ye ye ye ye(repeat 3x)
It's the blunt J.R the bong
Right girl
Drop that, Now track that world
Wide exclusive you talk while we do shit
You snob like Martha
You acting like a prison bitch
M.C jealous
Acting overzealous
We aint afraid to be ourself
Regardless what they tell us
I was born to a loser situation
Mama hooked up on to drugs
Daddys pimping conversation got his ass caught up
Man its time to roll up
Never knowing who you are nothing ever seems enough
I know, here we go, cold as Eskimo
It was told the story of a princess
So spoiled, so difficult
She would blow off love in her face
Never give the chance think above never stayed
A generalization is true
You don't know me but judge me fuck you
All these people that be fakin, we want the same thing but they stick me in their ass like a popsicle ring
Ye ye ye ye ye ye (repeat 7x)