Here's To Looking At You Testo

Testo Here's To Looking At You

refrain: I see you looking at me, so here’s to looking at you, you’ve got that something I need, believe
I’m hooked onto you. And I’ve got time to get to know you, but I’ll start right now, you’ll be surprised at what I show you, girl, let’s start right now.

Why? Cause there’s no time like the present, if I get the line right, then I might get her presence. The essence of connection is best when left to mention that yes, I’ve got the
best in the business for this progression baby. Why don’t you let me do the talking, while my fingers do the walking up and down your body, naughty actions got me on it. Let’s grab a drink you hotty, no need to think about it, forget your wits about it, let’s get our outfits to dropping.


I can’t wait to get you out of here, and when I do, I’mma get you up to get down, cause that’s just how I do. And you and me can please each other baby, I don’t need another lady, well, maybe I do but baby, just wait up and lose it crazy, wanna get the room all hazy, and that’s the cue to blaze it, let’s get some rumours playing all around the town, make the call about the pound, since it’s all about amount, might just hit whats all around, hit the bar, another round.