Little Too Far Testo

Testo Little Too Far

refrain: Maybe this time I drew this line a little too far. I made my mind cause you tried to change mine a little too hard.

I hope they like me. I hope they care. I hope they scream and throw their hands into the air. I hope it’s likely that they’ve learned. I hope they’ll show me their respect, I think I’ve earned. I wonder nightly if they heard that I ran and travelled halfway around the world. I’m walking lightly as I’m unsure If I’ll ever truly get what I deserve.


I hope they get it and understand what I proved to do to get the upper hand. I left a message, did you hear? Cause for the record I’ve been sending this for years. Will they accept it or pass it by, or will I spoon feed every bastard passive mind? I’m not against it, in ticking times, when second best and all the rest get left behind.