Kingdom Come Testo

Testo Kingdom Come

refrain: Now tell me do you love me, love me, love me, I guess you’ll only to trust me just as soon as my kingdom come. And baby if you love me, love me, love me, I guess you’ll have to trust me, until something wicked mike this way comes. Cause I’m giving it my soul, I’m giving it my heart, I’m singing it to the world and I’m giving it my all.

When the stars shine about a million miles away, do they light up your face, the way I did today. I really wanna know you really wanna love you but it’s hard when I think of the change. And still I, I really wanna show you really wanna go on til you find that you’re feeling the same. Cause I’m talking all around the globe treks, in and out of snow sets, things I’d rather get than shatter, things you shouldn’t know yet. Sweet and bitter rougues get sweeped into your cold sweat. So know them when they show up, cause they’ll blow until your home wrecks. So when you’re solo and relaxing at your will, and thinking all about a second plan B. You can look up all around and see a castle on the hill and tell everybody that’s me.


Yeah right it’s all good motherfucker! If I was you I probably would assumed I was a fuck-up! But I told you then, and I’ll show you now. It’s all in a days work, and my pipe dreams blow up somehow. I’m on the blue train to what you say is the kingdom. And low and behold, the throne they told me owns is not so different. Well, I’m missing you, and I hope you’re missing me, and remember the things we talked about, how life could be so free. But this moat around my kingdom seemed to drown the missing key, so I dove in cold to show them just how easy it could be.

refrain (x2)