Carneval Testo

Testo Carneval

Now, this happened during The Struggle Continues tour
A.K.A time that we double the venues
Doors open at ten, you should all bring your tent
Line up outside the door, night before, making sure you get in (Come on!)
Now you know when, let me tell you 'bout how it went down
When we came to this little ass town
In the middle of nowhere, man how did we go there?
I can't recall the way, though it feels like yesterday
And the people went crazy, the crowd's in a frenzy
The show's like a carneval!

Hush when I bust, 'preme with a pen, seated again
Embee putting in work cus y'all need to be beaten again!
Trust me it's us, back at it like smack addicts
Stuck with a bad habit, turn fans to fanatics
On a victory lap, we stop by in Pop-eye
I drop my last 16, so sick teens will stop write!
A vicious comeback, never ever left, but it had a rest
Now they want to arrest, cus we kill and molest
These so called emcees, so U-turn or you burn
You're not fucking with us!

Who's fucking with this? Pop in a disc, listen compare
To the rest of the bullshit, I ain't dissing, I swear
I'm just telling the truth, y'all ain't fading the troop
On the mike or the mpc, the stage or the booth
And if pages could shoot they would aim for the head
Of the biz wouldn't miss so we pray for the dead
And then kiss'em good-bye, listen don't cry
On a Bob Dylan mission they were fixin' to die
Nothing could help'em they murdered themselves
When they went against us

Us - you know the name: the mighty Looptroop Rockers
Travel around the world true school globetrotters
There's no debate that we raise the stakes
Everywhere we pass through we blaze up the stage
We're on a world tour with the whole entourage
And your favourite band's merch stand is the true stars
But if we come to a place where you're not
Log on to the webshop we accept all cards
Anytime, anywhere yo they murdered themselves
When they went against us

After load out we rolled out, celebrated in the van
Though the speakers where blown out, the jammin' began
So we drinking and laughing like always on tour
And I'm thinking - I'm happy we on our way home!
But then Shumi pulled over - hold up we can't go!
I left my wallet in el segundo...
Fast turn around, back into town, floor it, let's race!
We'll make it in time, they shut down soon, but we safe
The people looked crazy, bonfires blazing
What is this, a carneval?

We parked the bus about a block away
The whole crew got out heading for the place we rocked today
People blocked our way so we got in the backdoor
This shit is too dark yo where's it at pro?

I swear I left it between the soymilk and the vegan spreads
Underneath Preme's headband
Show money, merch money - shit I'm dead...
Man I saw the promoter outside. Trying to hide?
Open the door - guess what we saw - man I ain't lying!
The people were crazy they're feasting on babies
In this bloody carneval!

Literally - picture it! Snacking on baby back ribs
Like Timbuktu when chilling with Chords
But the difference is sickening, - snatching their babies
From cribs and then sucking the blood out their pores

Shocked by the gore, we just watched how they tore these
Little kids into pieces, chopped up on the floor.
I'm down on all fours, almost fainted, gotta play dead...
But I found the wallet by a baby, right when they ate it!
Now we running like crazy, zombies are chasing
Parading the carneval!

Shiee, we gotta leave press the pedal to the metal
These creatures won't let us go - wanna get us and dead us yo
Shallow us whole without a sign of remorse
Stay around one minute more you'll be the next on the main course

In a corporate world where the leaders will floss
With poor people's muscle - life hittin' all time lows
In the stock market hustle NASDAQ and Dow Jones.
Child labour violating their cosmetic codes
Now the world going crazy,
Sacrificing its babies - come join in the carneval!

A sigh of relief through the bus as we leave
What the fuck's going on? What they tryin' to achieve?
The same city where you live and you breathe
The system grows fatter and your kids are the feed

And when I looked through the windshield
I saw this big billboard for the welfare or healthcare system
Was it really real or? It probably said like:
This world needs its young! Could've been an ad buster but I read like:
This world eats its young!