Trinsanity Testo

Testo Trinsanity

He heard somebody coming up the stairs
Finally she made it here
She's so brave, in a way he's scared
-"P-please come in!" He stutters when he meets the baby's mother's eyes
What an angel n disguise, remembers why he loved her
-"I prayed for this day to come
That's why I never paid for your abortion
You was so young and strung out on emotions and dumb
Out of the hordes of the slum
You was given to me, to give birth to my adorable son."
-"So come on now let me look at him!"
He took him from her arms with a crooked grin
She's calm but she shook within
- "I might have forced you at the time
but now you've come o realize it was a blessing I put inside
What a mess, but he's so alive
and I guess that he's seen the light of day for a reason
and this sweet son of you and I
will never see what I saw.
You know I never really come back from the war
but this is me being reborn."

He said:
- "Look into my eyes, tell me what you see
I can give you a life, I think we're meant to be
I can leave my wife, she gives me misery
And she could never raise a child like you will for me"
- "Now, let's drink to the occasion."
He went over to his desk, facing the wall
In desperation she said:
- "No, you sit down, let me do it
I know you like your scotch with water"
He chucked:
- "Your mom did a great job raising her daughter!"
She pulled up the little bottle from her pocket, poured it in his glass
-"Let's toast for the future, forget about the past!"
- "That's the best thing I've heard in a long time"
He drank, saw the fire in her eyes and went blind

She said:
How could you do this to me, look what you made me do
Look what you done to yourself, your face is turning blue
Blood thicker than water - your love sicker than all the
insanity how can it be life's such a torture
(She said) How could you do this to me, look what you forced me to
Look what you done to your son he'll be an orphan soon
How could you rape me - how could I kill you - how couldn't I?
Hear the sirens listen, I'll go to prison but you gon' to die
You gon' fucking die...