Trinfidelity Testo

Testo Trinfidelity

Ah yeah

Oh what's going on?
What's happening?
What's going on?

Come on!
Ya, check it!

She heard somebody coming down the stairs
tired of running wipe her tears,
grab her youngen all her fears
now becoming all the air in her lungs
and she's breathing heavily,
pleading to heavenly father he never responded before but
she'll give another shot
she ain't got much other hope,
looking at her son he's looking back with big eyes like he knows
that they're in big trouble, it's fucked up.
She truly feels he's the only one that ever did loved her

She love him too of course, but hate him at the same time
Remind her of his father, lord knows that he got the same eyes
Her boss raped her at the age of 15, now she done poisoned him
gave him strychnine
And now he lying there - eyes wide open
She can't find the way out the door fly open
Turn around see the shadow of his old wife
hoping she's dreaming, she starts screaming
but she can't cry for him.

She goes: look into my eyes - tell me what you see
I cannot even cry, despite our history
I was your wedded wife and you gave me misery
You cheated and you lied
that's what you did to me

Then the eyes of the young woman and the widow
meet across the room - the dead body n the middle
But the lady's looking at the baby saying he's so little
I always wanted a son, I guess I really thought a kid would
bring the loving back to our once passionate marriage.
All that's left of that is a photo album in the back of the garage
with the sack of love letters he sent from the
war trenches in the attack of the Arabs

Chorus 2x:
How could you do this to me, look what you do to me
how could you come into my life just to ruin it?
Blood thicker than water and love sicker than all the infidelity
she young enough to be your daughter
I said how could you do this to me, look what you do to me
how could you come into my life just to ruin it?
How could we, how could we?
How could I, how could I?
How could you, how could you
leave me lay down and fucking die?