Get'em Girl Testo

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Testo Get'em Girl

Get'em girl cause we watching you
Get'em girl want to see what you can do now
Get'em Get'em Get'em

[Verse 1:]
Fasho show ya'll best believe
With no shirt on I got a trick up my sleve

I'm a true gee I'm a a new breed
Hay yo shorty ya heard about me

So complex make them thighs flex
I'm a straight up cat ya want to have sex

Ya want to make moves ya want to sip boes
Ya want to see my crib ya want to chill and groove

I'm so proper a ladies heart stopper
Tell me what ya need indeed I got cha

Ya like finer thangs ya like buying thangs
Call me arizona I don't make it rain

But I make change ya got a attiude
Well I do to so I can't be mad at you

Ya striking with dat venom it's fitting in dat denim
Boucing to da rhythem go head girl and Get'em Get'em Get'em

[Verse 2:]
South get dirty midwest swanging
Eastcoast bananas westcoast banging

Get'em like it stanking money I be banking
It is what it is baby tell me what you thaking

Get'em out in texas she talk so country
Want a cali nigga well gere goes Lunchy

She got the munchy and I do to
She want to hump me and I'll let you

Broklyn stand up I like ya'll too
Neva been to chi town I heard ya'll cool

Have no fear I have arrive
We can do this all day and damn night

If that's right than we can be friends
And when I come back we can do it all again

Striking with dat venom it's fitting in da denim
Boucning to da rhythem go head girl and Get'em Get'em Get'em


[Verse 3:]
Like the way you shaking what you got like that
Can't front you looking way better from the back
Girl and get get get it
And you know all them boys with with it
I'm just trouble I just mumble
Keep on popping I just bubble

Let's get into a huddle what you think about that
Ya'll hike the ball I'll be the da quarterback

Now make it snap don't rip yo jeans
I'm a king of all kings ya know what I mean

Striking with dat venom it's fitting in dat denim
Bouncing to da rhythem go gead girl and Get'em Get'em Get'em



Yeah it's LUnch homelessssssss
Ya know ya know fingers on track

LOL LOL yeah