They Don't Like Me Testo

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Testo They Don't Like Me

[Verse 1:]
Lunch is back naw homie I ain't done yet
I got a new whip and I'm ready to floss sunset

Westside homie we back ya'll hater despize me
I keep it spicey them niggas don't like me

But I don't give a what
Them suckas know what's up I'll tear this shit up
Bout to put them thangs on blaq caddy
Look twice we got big heat like shaq daddy "bang"

I got a problem with the coast cause everybody hating on us
At the same time everybody waiting on us

Snoop gave us a shout out that's cool
But I got mouths to feed homeboy that's rabbit food

Lights camera I'm ready for action
I got garunteed shooter call them John Paxson

Peep game we all hail with the toast
They just mad cause I'm the king of the coast them niggas don't like me

They don't like me cause I'm doing it big I'm the king of dis shit and
I'm loving it
They don't like me haters know what's up cause I'm the new stuff and they
Time is up
I'm cold with flow so love by the hoes hustle for the doe
Grinds up shine up times up blowing up that's what's up

[Verse 2:]
Game the savior the coast alright main
Well I'm broke go head and save us game

They just mad cause I never fucking ask for features
But still put up numbers like math teachers

The flow is mean 8 14 is the team
Clothes is clean two scoops yeah I double the cream

Niggas playing doe like I'm scroge mcduck
Our mentile suck that's why the coast is fuck up

Drop it like a low low I'm loco? asho doe
Give µe the camera µy personality is my promo

I'm what the I.E got I want supper bread
And yo whole click suck like superhead

It's Lunchtime homie ya ready for the dinner yet
I'm undaground so I ain't effected by the internet

I got the question tell me who got the answer
You wac niggas is california cancer them niggas don't like me


[Verse 3:]
Now throw yo dubs up a? d represent homie
In my hood I get pussy like Larry Flynt homies

I'm a mad man real niggas don't make up dances
Now a days fake niggas gettng all the chances

Make you shit in yo pances under circumstances
I'm gettin house built while ya'll niggas blow advances

Yeah ya'll stuck like chuck I'm on a trip †onight
The only way you see Paris is on simple life

Fuck you hatin ass niggas on a young hustler
I can see yo heart shit I'll never trust ya

Old niggas move new niggas do like me
I'm a grinder and you niggas don't like me