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Testo Get'em Girl Remix

(feat. Ray J)

[Chorus: Ray J]
Get 'em girl, cause we watchin' you
Get 'em girl, wanna see what you can do, now
Get 'em girl
Get, get 'em girl
Get 'em
Get 'em girl, cause we watchin' you
Get 'em girl, wanna see what you can do, now
Get 'em girl
Get, get 'em girl

[Pre-Verse: Lunch]
I, I
I get 'em girl
If you
You with 'em girl

[Verse 1:]
Lunch is in the house
You know what I'm about
Get on the dance floor and turn the shit out (Ha ha)
Baby gon' bounce (Yeah)
Lookin' so fly
You know how I get 'em, I can see it in your eyes
Cali's on lock
St. Louis gon' talk it out
Dallas know me
ATL, walk it out
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout
Flirtin' from the get-get
Said she wanna kick it
She love a nigga mixtape
Mama is a hustler
Mama is a grinder
Put her in the club
[Ray J:] Little mama is a winder
I'm right behind her
You better not touch her
Haters tryin' to catch up/ketchup, but can't cut the mustard

[Refrain: Lunch]
Strikin' with the venom
You fittin' in that denim
If you independent, girl, go ahead and get 'em
Get 'em


[Singing Verse: Ray J]
Look at that girl
She's climbing up on the pole
She knows how to shake it (Yeah)
She's making me spend my dough
I wanna see her get naked
I'm in the spot where all the pretty girls at
When a player leave the club and bringing four back
When they get to the crib
Man, they know what it is
We gon' make this a moment for Kodak
Get 'em girl
The camera's rollin'
There's nobody
Just me holdin' it
Don't worry
I won't show it
I'm lying, tomorrow, I'm posting it


[Verse 2:]
It's Lunch
Now, everybody eat up
Makin' pot holes
I told these damn street's up
Baby, put your feet up (Yeah)
And let's take a ride
You just get there, the rest I provide
Y'all stay live
Throw your hands high
Get 'em all night, baby
[Ray J] My, my, my
Haters can't stand it
Baby lookin' fancy (Nah)
Two Latin broads that I met in Miami (Yeah)
Friend named Candy
She's tryin' to find me (Yeah)
Know I'm in Cali, you never heard of the I.E.
Get 'em in the Bay
Get 'em in Salt Lake
Get 'em in N.Y., make the homie heart shake



[Lunch in background]
It's Lunch
Ray J
[Ray J:]
You know on the track (You know who it is)
Ha ha
[Fingazz: scratching] "Fingazz on the track"
You know how we get down, man
[Ray J:]
Oh-oh (Homeless)
Oh-oh (All day)
All the ladies out there
Get 'em, get 'em
[Ray J:]
Oh-oh (Get 'em, get 'em)
Oh-oh (Get 'em)