Birds Testo

Testo Birds

Stress on my mind

Stress on my mind but I don’t show it
Cash around me and I might blow it
Bought it home but my parents didn’t notice yeah
They sat down with some writers, man I sat down and I wrote it
Yeah, I can’t ever lose my focus
2014 in a Focus, 2019 in some Royce’s
And I got about 5 9’s, no cap
In a Rangey it’s illegal, no tax
Yeah I’m sowing what I’m reaping, some racks
And I smoke a little suttum, relax
I don’t talk about no printers, it's just fax
And I hate it when she’s acting all attached
And it ain’t true that sometimes opposites attract
I made a promise to my family, it’s a pact
I’m making music, I got business, I got packs
I dropped a mortgage on a house and it’s detached
I got the suttin' in my house, it’s a wrap
I need to seal up the pack up with the vac
Yeah I’m back

I still got some birds
Left them in the nest
I still got some birds
And some live in west
I still gotta press
So fuck all the press
Cartier bangles fresh
Smile more and I worry less

I might count up when I wanna and I’m smoking marijuana
When I get that cash I smile all day, yeah

When I get that cash I smile all day
When I see my dash I drive all day
Give her three stripes that I call Kanye
No fugazi, come my way
I’m good with the rock, that’s Coldplay
Good with the rock, good with Dwayne
I’m a top boy, I don’t know Dushane
Hop up out the Range, why you looking strange?
Is it cuz I gained, I still never changed
I try keep straight, there’s no traffic in my lane
Drinking on some water, pissing out some water
3 litre engine under the Porsche, yeah
Hold up, got another order
I’m sitting with Porsche her head is so awesome
She sees the mask, I’m coming like Bane
She’s looking pure, pure like cocaine
I be a lion, nah I can’t be tamed
Got the whole gang inside of the Range
Sending some shots but they're out of my range, yeah
Autobahn stay in my lane
Automatic Huncho’s gonna spend a little change
Digi dash and I had to digital my scales
Know some pussy bruddas, feminine males
This ain’t no story, no fairy tale
Get in the package, I Royal the mail
Lazy bruddas their just destined to fail
Running to money I got me a sale
I might count up till I’m nauseous
Huncho, please approach with caution
Can’t you see me I’ve been working
I smoke one, she like perky’s
And those titties looking perky
Is my freedom really worth it?
I ain’t guilty, that’s the verdict
But I’m guilty, that’s my verdict
I’m just giving out some sermons
Tryna stay away from vermins
With a Tina we can turn him
I’m with Tina, she ain’t Turner
Just a fuck, nothing further

I’m with Tina she’s a burner, yeah
And I’m the sole earner
Fuck what you wanna