Check Out Testo

Testo Check Out

Fuck being rich, yo I need some wealth
All black attire and I'm doing stealth
They worry 'bout their money, yeah I need my health
And I'm out the country undefeated, I don't have belt
Yeah, unless the belt is Gucci, Luis, Prada, Buscemi
Beating up a coochi till she tapped out and I'm semi
Creating phone calls asking if I'm ready
I just tell dem dat I'm ready, cos this life is never steady, yeah
I just bought another prezi, yeah
Got some burners and they heavy, yeah
Course I'm praying that I'm full of yeah
But I guess that's just the envy, yeah
Got some weight on my position, yeah
Settle down, you must be tired, yeah
Settle down and I retire, yeah
Fuck this time, I still fly her, yeah
I'm getting higher, yeah
Fuck the rider, I'm a grinder, give me fivers
My brothers keeper, I hear no finder
I bought a new home, so marje ask the price, ahh
So I surprise her, got a call on my Lyca, yeah
Pull up anywhere, even at the crime scene, yeah
If I wan't him then I'll find him, yeah
I thought I left that behind me, yeah
No chicken piece, I got a side piece, yeah
I might guilty, bitch I might be
I like the watch there, ohh, I'mma buy three
There still no timer, bring my time peace
I've been slanging, banging, selling on the side street
I'm in the US, I got some blue faces
I ain't from Crompton and now I'm laughing, yeah (Hahahahaha)
Yeah, and now I'm laughing, yeah (Hahahahaha)
Maximum tints upon the car, so no looking when it's parked
Might be fucking on your bra, and I do this same old [?]