Check In Testo

Testo Check In

All of my people, my family, I got them on jake
Burning these all till I got white on my legs
Use to go home at ten, packs at ten
Three, six, five, I
Can't take her home tonight
I had some butter with toast tonight
Reminds me about the struggle times
I'm in New York, showed 'em the mix
Came from the plug, I left with his
Came from the mud, I had no shit
Watch is so nice, nice on my wrist
I make her flip, I take a piss, I make a hit
I take a piss, I make it end, they wanna flip
Everyone tends, everyone tends, everyone tends to make it no sense
Give her some money, not for these hoes, not for no friends
Bally I'm leaking, leaking in meds
Pass me the bag babe, put on your dress, yeah