Sincerely, Dad Testo

Testo Sincerely, Dad

Hi, Anaya, it's your dad
You ain't born yet but you're part of the plan
You ain't born yet, but God's the best of planners
And I hope He give you just a little bit of guidance
See your daddy made music in the past
See your daddy's at the top of his class
See you daddy lived calm with a mask
Just so he can have a life with you when you're born
Daddy done some things that really weren't the best
Things like weighin' up and baggin' by the fridge
Standin' with Uncle Renny, yeah, we're countin' bits
Things like days with Uncle Youngs on the strip
Days with Uncle Soze, baggin' up dark
Baggin' up gradе, yeah, where should I start?
Cabin in thе Alps, Moncler, Montblanc
At night, I sit outside, I just stare at the stars
'Cause daddy made mistakes and daddy isn't proud
Made mummy cry, yeah, more than couple times
But she always stayed with me even through all of the crimes
It's funny 'cause I wonder what you will look like
And it's funny 'cause the world wonders what I look like
And they're scared of your dad, they think he Suge Knight, but he ain't
Huncholini the 1st, the last, your dad's the greatest

I can imagine you just lookin' like your mum
If anybody troubles you, I'll get my gun
And I'll bust shots at the dad and the son
Fuck that
In 2012, daddy cried 'cause he was low
2017, daddy stole the show
Mad About Bars, daddy stole the show
Mixtape Madness with my dawgs, one of them Uncle Carns, one of them was Uncle Louis
They told me do my thing, that's how a real brother should be
Through the ups and the downs, and the bricks and the pounds
They told me how I shouldn't be, and how I should be, huh
And who I could be (Could be, could be)
Mm-hmm, mm-mm, mm-hmm, mm, mm

Your grandpa was a great man
Loved him the same way you love dad
And when we came here, we had nun'
Yeah, we stayed in hostels, it weren't much
But he put the food there, I love pops
And he said he loves you, that's on God
More than he loves me, that's on God
And he didn't said he's proud of me, not once
But I know that he loves me, I'm his son
Yeah, he found the weed bags and my snub
Yeah, he found my pistol and my drugs
Yeah, he gave me beatdowns, but I'm tough, I respect him

It's all love
I know you love your grandpa, he's number one
But what about grandma?
She my soul
Clean me and she fed me, just to go school
Just to be a misfit, to think it's cool
Just be a bad son and a fool
All I can say is that I am sorry, momma
Anaya loves you, I know you love her
'Cause I'm her father and she's my angel
My malaika, last of the real
Soul survivor, you gave me rope, mountain climber
You gave me hope, soul protector
You hid me from the inspectors
Aston Martin like inspector
007, hostel number

We really made it from the mud
We really made it from the mud
Your daddy made it from the mud
Your daddy made it from the mud
From the mud

Hey, son, it's your dad
You're gonna be my little G, top lad
I'm gonna give you things I never had
I'm gonna show you love like I got from your gran'
You can ask Uncle Crane, how I know him
We went to school together, when we were kids
Fast forward thirty plus, he's still here
He can tell you first hand, yeah, daddy's never scared
He can tell you God is who I fear
He can tell you good times and the worst times
I got nicked, I've been to court
How many times NFA? Twenty-eight
He can tell you that shit ain't worth it
He can tell you that your dad ain't perfect
Bein' imperfect makes us perfect
So be yourself, always, never change your ways

You're my son, but I ain't named you yet
And I'm writin' this now, so you take this in
When you're a man yourself and you get the gist
Of what's real in this life and what really ain't
Tried to be legit, worked with Uncle Nin'
Showed me more than love, than my cousins did
Thank your Uncle Chucks, and your Uncle Quinc'
They even made this beat, told me, "Write this shit"
Manifest this shit, go and rhyme this shit
'Cause I'm talented and I've mastered this
Now, I'm so legit, that I ain't legit
These feds won't stop, we ain't got their skin
They will try and make you go against your own
Like Uncle Ruckas did
So watch out for these paigons
They come in lots of shapes and lots of form
2011, dropped Job Centre, Huncho, lots of forms
Fast forward eight years, they locked Uncle White
'Cause he shot a guy that was his guy
So please, be aware, of all your friends
'Cause what they want for you is not what you want for them
And what they wish on you, you don't wish on them
No, you don't wish on them, ah

We really made it from the mud
Your daddy made it from the mud
Your daddy made it from the mud
From the mud

From the mud, we're made
To the mud, we go
Cherish every day
Like it's your last
You won't ever know
When your mum will go
When your dad will go
When your life could go, go
You won't ever know
You won't ever know, oh-oh, oh, oh
You won't ever know (Know, know, know, know)
You won't ever know