The Worst Testo

Testo The Worst

I look at things with eyes different from yours
Held a remote to my life, I put my shit on a pause
'Cause we’re really outside, really doing the most
And I've been doing myself, I'm tryna capture this growth
Memories that I got, PTSD from the past
Had enough of all these diamonds, so I put my wrist in glass (Put my wrist in glass)
When you’re from where we’re from
24’s ain't enough (24’s ain't enough)
White birds let them fly, we got baskets full of doves
I was always first team, no sub
Most of my brothers really madе it out a place with no love
I don’t give a hoе no hugs
And I got my killer in the car, he don’t miss when he's drunk
So it's best if you’re causin' no fuss (No fuss)
One for these washed up olders
You still live at your mum's, you're rubbed
They don’t even need no slugs, snails never need no slugs
'Cause I’m coming from a place where they don’t wanna make it
They just want a handout, they just can’t face it
They just wanna bang out, they don’t wanna make this paper
Every block's got a dreamer, my block had one faceless
Had no face to start with, never was nameless
They made a cause about me, they got told I ball like Lakers (They got told I ball like Lakers)
I take my money, countless money trees that we been raking (Money trees that we been raking)
If the money ain't the topic, don't indulge in conversations
Yeah, you heard (Heard)
Pulled up with the latest on the curb (Curb)
I don't think that I'm the shit 'cause I'm the turd
And they worry 'bout the charts and not the curbs
I don't worry 'bout the downs, it could be worse
All these gyal I passed on, I'm Larry Bird
Huncholini, I'm the first, I'm never third (Never third)
Huncho Khalifa, standing tall like I'm the Burj
Nowadays, I charge more for my verse (75 thousand, uh-huh)
She ain't ratchet, but I know that there's a ratchet in her purse (Purse)
Mind how you talk little bro, you can end up in a hearse (Rest in peace)
Arrested at the door by the feds, got my lady feelin' hurt
She still held me down, even through, yeah, the mother fuckin' worst
And I know that sometimes, yeah, I could be the worst (I ain't perfect)
I'm tryna change my life around, so you don't have to put the fuckin' pistol in the purse (Purse)
What's it really worth? (Worth)
Blessings and a curse (Curse)
Like, sinnin' in a church like
Waitin' in the viewing room, decisions overturned
Can't take money grave side, so I always let it burn (Let it burn)
You give them second chances, they don't learn
I've been wavin' for a minute, I'm submerged
Mask on at your door, I'm here to purge
Price went up like when Uber has a surge
And they put me in the dirt, so I bloom (So I bloom)
Don't make jokes brudda, read the fuckin' room
Old school like Henry doin' adverts Va Va Voom (Va Va Voom)
I don't do street fights, I sonic boom
Sonic, who (Oh are you?)

(Quincy Tellem)