Unappreciated Testo

Testo Unappreciated

Introduction to my life
Everybody left, that's the story of my life
Unappreciated even when I'm in disguise
Unappreciated even when I do provide
Unappreciated, I appreciate
All the time I put in, but I still be late
I'll admit it, yeah, it's my fault
I got up off my high horse, the safety's in the night draw
What a life, huh?
Had a two-day job, sold packs on the side
Then I made enough snow to buy the place I reside in
To those who think I got this on because I'm hidin'
Please come to the manor, ask them who was providin'
The food on their plate, it was me, no one else
Lookin' at some pictures of my parents on the shelf
I get sad, I get mad, I can't even describe
All the shit they went through just to feed and provide
My execution was all wrong, I had good intentions
If you owe me any money, don't even mention
Rather leave you out my life, that's my greatest weapon
Man, it's destined
This shit's destined

Introduction to my life
That's the story of my life

Your music
Man aven't found that type of happiness that mans lookin' for
It's only now, man's come to realization that
These are the things that's gonna make me who I am
And this is what euphoria is, and I've been chasin' it this whole time

When it comes to my time, only some deserve it
Time is precious and this money's worthless
Clean out the plug like I've got detergent
Paigons poppin' up, it's just a reoccurrence
I know they were mad when they drew the curtains
When they see me on that stage, and they movin' nervous
I'm glad it didn't break me
They tried come through and knock my confidence
And tell me to just, move like everybody else, yeah, fuck everybody else
They can't even move off the shelf
I don't need your damn features, I can do it by myself
Number one or number ten, that ain't really my concern
All I know is I'm the hardest, and no man can never curse me, authentic
Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me, yeah
Only God can judge me
To the brothers on the come up that just dropped new music
I give you my congratulations
Don't get it twisted, deep down, I know I'm your inspiration
(I give you my congratulations)
(To the brothers on the come up, I give you my congratulations)

Oh, you motherfuckers
Haha, ha, okay

We ain't the same, and I bought a house before the rap, we ain't the same (Same)
And I gave my family the world, we ain't the same (Same)
Went from twenty jewels to twenty books 'cause we ain't the same (Same)
I'm like Mogobi in this game night, Nike tracky and a line
Servin' cats on the mains
I have to go break down somewhere wasabi at the place
Now, I contemplate if my workers need a raise, they might do (Do-ooh)
And to all the fiends that I sold to, thank you
Yeah, you made me realize that this isn't the way
You're fake, I see right through
Knew I didn't like you
Yeah, you made me realize that people never change
But I guess some people change when the money's gettin' strange
But what can you really say? Bound to happen either way
You just have to make your peace with it
You just have to make your peace with it (Mm-mm-mm)
I've got to get back on my shit (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Got things to do on my list (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Said to her, "Give me some kids" (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Live somewhere where no one else lives (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Breathe some air no one else breathes (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
There's things that I wanna achieve (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Make millions, keep some for myself
Give them the rest (Oh-oh, oh-oh), that's the end

(We ain't the same)
No, no-no, we ain't the same (We ain't the same)
We ain't the same (We ain't the same)
No, oh, oh, no, no (We ain't the same)
We ain't the same (We ain't the same)
Oh, ooh, ooh (We ain't the same)
We ain't the same (We ain't the same)
No, no, no (We ain't the same)