I Need An Eighth Testo

Testo I Need An Eighth

Man who got this Oh don't worry bout it nigga just pass the weed You're here suckin' up all the weed, mouth looks like it's a box of powdered donuts We're real dumb in here with the Louie's In this time of bammer weed As a Louie I know just what I need (What ya' need cuddie) I need an eighth of sticky gooey and when I get this eighth I'm blowin with the Louie Help me out (Repeat 2x) 7 a.m. in the mornin and the monkey's at my bed Got me cravin' and enslavin' I need some dope for my head And I be kickin Backwood's fore' I hit the hood no doubt Monkey on my back turnked out Cause It's 3.5 on my rictor scale And if the sack aint obese you wont make the sale I need an eighth big body's sayin When you bring my shit make sure my shit aint hay Cause if it's hay when you bring it I'ma get to wingin ghetto bling blingin leave a nigga head ringin Fo show 3.5 of indo Cause heads turn and bitches scream when my man he pulled out that sticky green It was sticky gooey residuey one more time for my niggas in the looie I can't spend over satchie that could buy me too much weed As a louie I need gooey cause the gooey's what I need And they be rollin fat vegas we stayed smokin' major and niggas wanna hate us because we straight playas But ask them other niggas bout my crew and what we doin and We blowin crypt and that's the motherfuckin truth man Ya know man we aint no Kurt Dogg's flowin big things turf hoggs Hit the block blowin Backwoods and sew it up like a mac should you know And Sugarwolfeezy off the heezy eat em' up best belive me with the louie's And it was Dubee comin' through on the sticky gooey biotch Grab the bud get the scissors and cut it Grab the razor the blunt must be gutted Up the middle like a fullback You know we recycle the contact I the dogg bitch I'm a smokin major need a fast sack better hit me on my pager Dub all's and ten sacks ouie hold that big bomb pillows take ya way back My back is getting smaller and my man aint callin back If he don't call by tomorrow I'm gonna have to start on black call me damn (*Cell Phone Rings*) Hello Hey what's up my louie Hey man when the fuck is you comin' man Man three minutes I need an eighth know what I mean (I got some killer brown) Don't want no Bobby Brown I want Al Green Gonna hit this Bobby come around I need that shit from Humboldt County 420 Airaqui shit that make you cough up snot Three and a half no more no less in a Backwood it a bust ya chest To have a grown man cryin tears sayin damn I aint been this high in years That Indo only in Cali grown and we've got fat sacks in a Valley Joe Blowin' big bomb at my house and leavin niggas stuck with cotton mouth I need an eighth That shit taste hella good