Eden (The Divine Entrap) Testo

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Testo Eden (The Divine Entrap)

In the Darkest hours of the night, in a forest far away
The baying of wolves, the hooting of owls could be heard in the distance...
A young lad could not find his way through the natural maze
Of coniferous green,
When a seraphic beauty materialized into the night and directed the youth...

Not much time has passed when he approached some rusty gates
And beyond the remains of a garden
A wave of life and colour engulfed the place
As the gates gave way to the young lad's shove
The scene he was awe-inspiring and chill ran up his spine
The place was suddenly full of life!

People danced to the sweet and mellow voices of some young little children
who sang for them
Eclipsing thoughts infested his mind, confused yet welcome,
He entered the Garden...
Infants frolicked with the elderly, while others simply sat in peace of mind
A thousand reassuring smiles beckoned the child to enter...to safety

The gates of Eden closed shut - And left his life behind
Hoping for a better one - Within the Gate's confines...

He craved for a sense of exaltation!
Yet he was lost in a sea of Darkness.

A mysterious fog surrounded the garden and a voice echoed in the air
The ground shook terribly for Apollyon had left his infernal lair
A blood-curdling scream ripped the tense atmosphere
And the people surrounded the lad...
He could feel he was pitied by the others who fell prey to the same ensnare
Funereal deploration dissolved his insides
Yet he could not grasp his state of being
Obscurity twisted his mind

The answer to this riddle came as a piercing truth:
'Deceased you belonged to me but deceit has taken you away from me!
You are trapped forever in the Garden of Eden...
In misery...
...for eternity...