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Testo Promises

I will make you mine, in the course of time,
You will reign by my side, forever to be my pride
... "Now pray" ...

Take a vow; promise your life
Dedicate your freedom to complete sadness,
Make him climax with your pain ...

Called ... to take a risk who is the fool who will hear,
Poverty, sickness and death,
The reward for such blind fear.

Beware ... for Darkness is not so dark,
And the light will only reveal;
A silhouetted shadow of the Cross,
Symbol of suffering!

"Promises should be kept.
Promises will be kept"
(Promises are meant to be broken by Him)

"Turn your back, face Me
Promise me your soul
And all will be granted to thee ...

Call me Mephistopheles,
Your wish is my command,
Never break your blood-signed oath,
Or your decease is what I demand."
"Promise Me ..." - "I Promise ..."

"Respect, Your word,
And that, is what you get in return."

"I was betrayed by Him,
And I need You to fill His place,
In my heart ..."

"Fear not, I will take good care of thee ..."

Take a vow, promise your life
Dedicate your freedom to contentedness
let me take over your life.

I call to you, listen to me,
I will make your dreams come true,
You will get what you deserve,
What you've never had before ...