The Hatred Cornucopia Testo

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Testo The Hatred Cornucopia

Trapped in despair
But he doesn't seem to care
If I live or if I die
I'm telling you my last goodbye

"Loving memories gone bye
Unforgettable moments
Rememberance makes me cry

But despite all the luminous flames of our amity
has started to wane
And my heart is grieving,
Filling with emptiness and obscurity ..."

Seized by demonic claws
666 spasmodic strikes of desolation
Penetrate her voluptous body ...
The devil's marionette ...
Had slaughtered his devotion! ... and Love

Cursed by this morbid act
His soul is torn apart by guilt
With tears of remorse and a shattered life,
He ends his life, while God did not forbid this deed