And You Were Gone Testo

Testo And You Were Gone

Yesterday has been an gone
Nothing left here to be done
Now I was only trying to write a simple song
Never thought that you would be the one who come along

Everything I thought were real
They told me it ain’t no big deal
You knocked me out so fast I didn’t even blink
Then you were gone before I had the time to think
Yeah I should’ve opened up my eyes
And I would‘ve seen that you were wearing no disguise
But I didn’t know that we belong
Just a kiss and you were gone

Look into the emptiness
Nothing more and nothing less
If everything that I believe ain’t what it seem
When will I be awake and not caught in a dream

But you were real and I was there
Now I am searching everywhere
Can’t find the answers to the questions in my head
If this is how it ends it’s something I regret