Trust In Yourself Testo

Testo Trust In Yourself

I wasn’t born behind a wall to keep me in
Don’t need no holy book to tell me good from sin Ain’t got a problem with my neighbour or his wife I took the open road to get me through this life

I never messed around with drugs or drink a lot
Don’t chase no skirt around the Rainbow parking lot
I keep my weapon safe and loaded by my bed
This is the way I live and I have no regrets

And I mind my own business
I’m just tellin’ you this so you know where I stand
Yes I do my own business
And I ain’t gonna change wouldn’t do me no good
I have been here too long is it not understood
That when all that we know isn’t all we should we know
You can follow like sheep or trust in yourself

No God, No Religion Nobody to rule over me I’m free, that’s me
And that’s the way it’s gonna be

Don’t trust my government and those who make the law
If they want peace why do they start another war
And all this preaching ‘bout what’s right and what is wrong
Have led this simple man to write this protest song