Freedom Testo

Testo Freedom

Give me a ship so I can sail across the ocean So far away from traffic jam and noise Nothing but fresh clean air and no pollution
A place where I can breathe and hear my voice

Don’t give me no congestion No place where I am stuck And on the road to nowhere Don’t need this strangulation It’s heavy on my luck
And stop me getting somewhere

Find me a quiet place high on a mountain Where I can hear my thoughts and feel alive Show me the river wild deep in the valley And let me drink the water pure and cold

Don’t give me no restrictions
No walls surrounding me
When I need a place to roam free
Don’t like no limitations
No chains to hold me back
When you know I need to be free

When the boundaries are none
And the rules are dead and gone
Only then can you be free to see it all
On the day the journey’s done You will know if you have won When you ask yourself
If everything you left behind
Was all the things that made you blind