A Huned Testo

Testo A Huned

Yo, I got request for the yayo, shooters on the payroll
Pocket's full of Pecos, Nash he's the best like
Watch dog, stay froze, clap friends and foes
Your eyes, she close, they close, my dawgs stay close
I'm gunning for a white rose, driving in a white Rove
I'm liver then and hotter then, live on the white gold
See I should go for President; them hoes will hit the pole
You see me in that strip club; them hoes fall of the pole
My whole team glittery, stunning in rose gold
Them niggas looking shity and know we won't fold
Nash, Nashawn was my mothafucking name, base
Stay calm, here's two to your fucking face
Money Machine, them hoes call me love place
See I'm a hood nigga on mad drug space
You wish you was like me without a damn case
I leave dawgs unsolved without a damn trace
You see that .44 long it's just a man fate
It ain't no reason to show up to that man's wake
Cash by the abundance, murder by the hundreds
'99 niggas dunn got it, now who want it huh?
This my year it feels like '95
That's when I realized the world was mine
I'm doing fine, just a lil' more wine and dine
And crack crab and fuck your hoes at the same time
A lil' more lab, chopping more slabs
Now I'm jumping in the Lincoln, no more calling cabs
Nashbroham Lincoln, I got a quarter of stash
That's a quarter of a million, y'all niggas can't add
Yeah, it's the future, I'm the nicest
Nashbroham Lincoln, Jungle George Washington
Nasir Jones, Money Machine Records, the movement
Let's get it, let's get it