In Jail Testo

Testo In Jail

When I first hear the beat, walked on it, so perfect at
Everybody in town wanted to hear verses (In Jail)
I split chins, bring Grey Goose
Listen I'm repping all them niggas in prison
Like, get big, come home, have kids
Watch, how many bitches wanna suck your cock (In Jail)
Rolling I'll Will Record style, smash rocks
How many pebbles on the street get popped?
And y'all don't want it, washed up
That nigga got the mothafucking monster
I'm the best of the new breed
5'7" with a gold teeth, brown skin with a chrome 3
570 you dead homey, y'all niggas don't know me (In Jail)
Hush, or get the whole gang clique touch
These dude's too slow can't keep up
All I hear is "Nashawn I'm living"
Y'all can't live in prison y'all too real
Y'all won't live in (In Jail)

[Chorus: Nashawn]
If you want it, you could get it
'Cause that nigga Nash a menace (In Jail)
It's been a minute, keep it quiet
Now he about to start a riot

My block hot now I got a rat
And these clowns in the industry don't want to scrap
Yo picture me (In Jail) fighting on the block
And the dude got a knife, he'll yell
He won't last in jail man, I be the same nigga rocking my jewels
Popping shit, knocking out fools, getting mad bitches from bitches
Walking down the hall like what, my k-tone sharp two brush
Get cut, face it, we're the bravest, outrageous
Been a wild since we came off the slave ships
Cake it (In Jail), we been had money, y'all just made it
All you do is get yourself body for racing
Nashawn spit for the hell and dons in the jail
See you if you knew the bail (In Jail)
I compare these streets to a coke sell
Y'all cowards won't last today in jail
Y'all will tell


Props is need, y'all dude's got the wrong kid
He'll stand up (In Jail), Queens and the Bronx
Where I lived for years, Nashawn coming down on 'em
And that be their worst nightmares, spit sickness
They be clown rap, now listen how I switch tracks
I'm the eeny, meeny, he won't come back
Pour a lil' Henny out
In the 6 with no roof and the titties out
Call Nas, call Jung, call Wizard
The way we handle ourselves we could live in (In Jail)
We're the realest clique out
Y'all come through fronting and get knocked the fuck out
'Cause we're brave, we're the bravest
We brave, we're the bravest (In Jail)
We brave, we're the bravest
We brave, we're the bravest