Somebody Gotta Die Testo

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Testo Somebody Gotta Die

(feat. Jungle)

[Intro: Jungle]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Money Machine
Yeah, yeah, lotta niggas get killed of shit like this
Ya heard? Listen

It's getting hot yo, somebody gon' die
It's getting hot yo, somebody gotta die
It's getting hot yo, somebody gon' die
It's getting hot yo, somebody gotta die

Ayo who the richest niggas in the hood who got it locked?
Who gon' hand-in-hand running from the cops
On the block with the loose rocks, fight for your props
Put the ice in your watch; turn your life up a notch
Get in the streets; if you want beef I gets busy
Toss crack cookie to my dawg life Frisbees
I play the club get love from the quarters
They whisper in my ear "Let's go half on the daughter"
Don't you know that I'm a cold blooded killer?
I ain't gon' be shit but a drug dealer
I looked in my best friends eyes when he died
Bullets hit his heart two, three times
Everything I know I learned in the ghetto
Too much Hennessey make me act like the Devil
I'll take a lil' argument to another level
We could fight, use a knife or pop heavy metal

[Hook x2]

I'm in the streets y'all
You know how many streets I'm a teach y'all
How many pieces? You know hustlers slinging them pieces
All the lil' kids dress indecent
Another baby moms up in the precinct
With his cracks on the table and this nigga's I.D bent
To three month all baby is teething
And now his life on the run for no damn reason
He tell his niggas when he see it he's squeezing
Got dawgs stressed out, lightly eating
He looked different losing weight when he speaking
Shot a dude over Jay and Nas beefing in the beacon
He still bent no bed to sleep in
The way his eyes lit up you'll be dead if you beef with 'em
Only some real niggas still chief with 'em
The younger nigga said "If he's ripped yo I'm leaving 'em"

[Hook x2]