Can't Let You Go Testo

Testo Can't Let You Go

I tried to forget you
Get you out my mind but you’re stuck like glue
You, make it hard to breath
I’m banging at the walls with my head so please
Can I get away from here
Lose my cool every time you’re near
I can’t really take this torture, I can’t take this pain

If you said march I’d march on the double
Take all the blame so you wouldn’t be in trouble
Say jump I’d jump say count I’d count to one, two ten

No I can’t let you go, no I can’t let you go
You’re a figment in my brain and I can’t live my life this way
No I can’t let you go, no I can’t let you go
I am running and running and running away
I can’t let you go

We had our moments love
Is there a piece of you that thinks I’m enough
Or am I chasing tales again
I have this stupid habit of tripping up on them
Lets give this one more try
I’m tired of talking to myself every night
You’ve got a hold on me baby now can’t you see
Dying alone here and need you next to me

Oh, is it always quite this bad?
Should I really be this sad
I need to find a way, to take my heart back from your grab
I need to tell the truth, woman I can’t replace you
I, need to find a way, get my head out of this miserable place