One Day Testo

Testo One Day

Well I don’t know much about holding back
I’ve never been one to sit down relax
Watching the world, let it pass me by
Keep on pushing till the day I die

I don’t know much but this much is true
Leave you hear try something new
Pack up all my backs and walk away, today
Smile a little brighter, let it shine and light my way
One Day, I’ll spread my wings
Fly to where the birds can sing
One Day, I’ll spread my wings and fly
Cos nothing, comes easily
That’s worth a dime or anything
So I’ll be waiting patiently
For One Day

Now I know you said that it can’t be done
I look at you and think ‘what have you done?’
Taking advice from a girl like you
You pretty much mess up every thing you do

I’ll take your words but live with mine
Wave as I cross the finish line
Cos nothing worth a thing comes easily to me
Breath a little a deeper let the air become my wings

Soon it might not be this week, this month or this year
One day soon enough I’m going to make it loud and clear
Nothing new can hold me down, hold me back or hold me down
I’ll be waiting patiently