Try Try Try Testo

Testo Try Try Try

I don’t wanna walk away, even though I know I should
I kinda find it hard, to let go let go
I swear I thought I heard you say
We were onto something good
Just another false alarm, oh oh oh

Cos even if I keep you talking
Even if I make you smile
I know I’m gonna keep on falling
I’m Gonna try, try, try
Even after every warning
Even if I lose my mind
Never get, never get it right
I’m Gonna try try try

I’m gonna try try try oh oh

I’m sorry if I wear you down
I’m trying to leave you well behind
But it’s hard to say goodbye
To say no say no
Cos even if I turn around
You’ll be playing on my mind
I won’t give up without a fight
No, no, no

This giving up is hard to do
It’s only because your beautiful
But I’ll keep on moving on
And maybe I’ll come back to you
And one day you might feel it to
But until then it’s good bye

I don’t wanna walk away
I don’t wanna say goodnight
But maybe now it’s time, to let go let go