Fa Sho' Testo

Testo Fa Sho'

This goes out to whom it may concern
But anyway
Check it out

[VERSE 1: Rob Quest]
Sittin in the next room talkin softly on the telephone
Makin plans to see ya soon when I know I'm dead wrong
Why oh why must I continue to be a hoe
When I got a fine yellow bow-legged bitch at the crizzo?
She know jizza, guess I was only out to get paid
This girl was cuttin for daddy like a Mexican with a switchblade
But anyway, peek it, loc, here's how the story went
Second week in July, I think ehm, Tuesday the 10th
Around 4 p.m. with this bitch named Kim
She wasn't all that in the face but she had her own place
I got caught up in temptation, now here's what I'm facin
The situation's thick, I'm steadily thinkin with my dick
And I'm constantly askin myself, like, should I rush this hoe?
But you know - damn, little did I know
She was my best friend's sister's cousin auntie mother niece
Up on my daddy's side, I couldn't even lie
My girl start buggin, illin, riffin, trippin, she gave my face a smack
Now she's got a busted lip and says I overreacted
Now it's her things that she's packin
Hey yo baby, apologize, but now I realize, hm, I knew exactly how she felt
That's why I'm sittin at the crib by my goddamn self
The reason why, because I had to trick
Now I'm breakin my back tryin to suck my own dick
[CHORUS x2: Devin]
When you're fuckin over yo fo-sho pussy
Tryin to get some mo' pussy
You'll end up with no pussy, no pussy

[VERSE 2: Jugg Mugg]
Okay now check it, I met this gal, she got it goin on
Everytime I see this bitch she's all up on a nigga's bone
I told the bitch I had a woman and a little girl
She's diggin in my pants, grabbin my nuts like a fuckin squirrel
So what was I to do, me and my woman had trust
But I was thinkin how many nuts I can bust
In this hoe, I hit the pussy fast, hit the pussy slow
She whipped out her tongue and licked the Jugg up his asshole
She couldn't call the crib when she wanted some cock
So she would beep and I would sneak, we would meet at the bus stop
And then I called her to my crib one day
Because my daughter was at the daycare and my gal was at the jay
We gots to hurry up and bone, my girl get home at 5:30
She knew somethin was funny, so she came home early
And all that moanin and groanin, I couldn't listen
She busted in and caught me in a 69 position


[VERSE 3: Devin]
Me and my gal, we been apart for a while
Yeah, I miss her kiss and I kinda miss her smile
But I'm the one who fucked up walkin round with a big head
She made me feel like I had a gold-plated dick head
But I was tryin to fuck everything that moved and breathed
She never checked or suspected there was somethin up a nigga sleeve
Yeah, my baby she trusted me, she never even cussed at me
Except that Friday night when she busted me
I found a letter on the dresser that said:
'Tell your bitches don't be leavin they panties in my bed'
And I was laughin and shit when she left at first
But in a couple of weeks that shit started to hurt
Now it's been six months and when she call all she do is talk cold to me