H Wit Babies Testo

Testo H Wit Babies

Fuckin with them hoes with them babies
Woo woo woo oo
Fuckin with them hoes with them babies
Yeah yeah

[Rob Quest]
Alright now, when you fuckin with them hoes you know with 4, 5 kids
And when you come you gots to bring candy and chips and shit
Got a rubber in your pocket thinkin you'se the pussy-getter
But when you come inside you end up the baby-sitter
Tellin the kids to put some shoes on they goddamn feet
Hey y'all, straighten up and be neat, why don't you take your ass to sleep
You got the job, you're knowin Bob, you're knowin 50s, 60s, 70s
75 and 80s, bitch, there's somethin with these babies
Here's a dollar, beat it, here now take your ass and scram
You're worse than flies at a picnic - goddamn
You little snotty nose brat, y'all's about to get slapped
Hey, stop pullin on my earring - hey, get the feet off my lap
Where yo daddy at? See, I'm only here for the evening
To get that pussy good she fix a sandwich then I'm leavin
Really though, I'll probably leave with a hard-ass dick
But that's the shit you gotta put up with
Yo, when you're


[Jugg Mugg]
I called up this gal and set up a date
I met her at her place, the Cuney Homes around 8
And when I knocked a little bad-ass niggy opened the do'
This bitch came out talkin bout (come on y'all, let's go)
Let's go where? (To McConald's, hell it's right up the street
We gotta go and get my kids a little somethin to eat)
Now I'm thinkin to myself like, what's the goddamn deal
I'm orderin two Big Macs and four Happy Meals
And I spent all of my snaps, now what's the haps on the naps?
Let's put the kids in the sack and let me hit it from the back
Now I'm tryin to bone mommy on the bathroom floor
But little man steady knockin at the door
Her little girl started cryin, now it's gettin shitty
To keep her ass from cryin pick out the sag titty
Fuck it, where my drawers and my shoes, show me to the do'
Hey, I'm Audi, hoe - yeah, that's how it go
When you're